Interview from Mortem-zine
Conducted by Fastred
Also features: Rimfrost, Kampfar, Lutomysl, Asmodeus++


1. Greetings Gjenferdsel, quite a jawcracker for your czech fans. I´m sure, that explanation of its meaning could help to remember it better.

Gjenferdsel is a made up name. The Norwegian word „gjenferd“ means ghost/spirit, while the word „ferdsel“ means travel/journey. So then Gjenferdsel is supposed to be a kind of a spiritual journey from death.

2. You debut released by Ketzer Records is simply called „I“, which is a pretty mysterious name as well, so you could also tell us something more about it.

There are several reasons for the title for the album; it’s our first album, the main concept and ideology is about individualism. There are several more reasons, so this is a title that came to my mind very fast, and I think it fits very well for this album.

3. You album has already been released for some time, but there are certainly still new responses, which may probably help you to find out its deficiencies. Well, how much are you satisfied, what about your closest friends or broad world public?

From the creation of the band, I have always been quite focused on not being controlled by the feedback, especially not from media. But of course, it is good to see that people from all around the world appreciate our album. At least it proves that people have a good taste in music, and that what we do is not completely on wrong track.

4. The connection of conventional brutal black metal procedures with those more melodious is very impressive. Sometimes it reminds me of Kampfar. You music is full of natural forces and is very personal, I find it perfect. Would you agree with this? You will certainly add some more remarks...

As I myself is a great fan of Kampfar’s album „Mellom skogkledde aaser...“ and the MCD „Norse“, I think that this band has been an inspiration for me. Of course along with plenty of other bands, not necassarily black metal acts. So I must say that you’re quite right. The mixture of original and brutal black metal and the more melodic parts is definitely what I want people to associate with Gjenferdsel. And for me, this combination is definitely what I consider to be black metal.


5. Melancholy is another characteristic sign of Gjenferdsel music. Do you often immerse in your own feelings? Do you emotions inspire you when composing?

Of course! Speaking of emotions, I think that „I“ is a very personal album, and the best songs were definitely made when during my most gloomy periods. I think most of the people today hides their darker and gloomy side. Everybody is supposed to be happy and cheerful. Pain, misery and death is not to be spoken of. And that’s probably why these topics interests me. I think that a search into these „forbidden secrets“ of your mind, only makes you stronger and more able to control yourself and your thoughts.

6. Where was the album recorded? I suppose, that it´s a studio work. How long did it take you to record it along with the mixing? Have you already had contract with Ketzer Records at that time? What was the development of your cooperation?

The contract with Ketzer was signed after the release of our demo „Det kom et skip til Björgvin...“. Alex at Ketzer found our demo interesting, and wanted to sign us for a record deal. This seemed like the perfect label for us, so we accepted the offer. Ketzer never tried to influence on us, and always supported our mission. The album was recorded in Space Valley studio in the beginning of 2006, and released in September the same year.

7. The only thing, I´m sorry about your album, is the length. I´m sure, that longer songs with the the same deep-felt atmosphere would suit you even more...

I agree to this, but at the same time I would never change the songs I’ve already made. The average of our newer songs is definitely a bit longer than the songs on „I“, and as you say it suits the band.

8. Nowadays, it is customary to divide black metal records into those „underground“ and „commercial“. Some are glad to be somewhere in the middle. What´s your opinion of it? How would you classify Gjenferdsel?

Definitely some place in the middle, maybe heading a little more to the underground – atleast emtional. I would classify Gjenferdsel as a band with its own unique sound, but still true to its roots. We’re not the most eager band on the promotional part, but we still for example do interviews like this.


9. You even take care of Black Forest Records, which is certainly a praiseworthy thing. Bring us closer your specialization, when have you started etc.

Black Forest Records was started in 2004 after the release of our demo. As I pretty much controlled the release and promotional work myself, I learned a lot from this. I also obtained a lot of good contacts that became some of the partners of Black Forest. The company itself was founded as I started to import metal music abroad for my Norwegian friends. The interest grew and I had to increase my stock. The main goal for Black Forest was, and is, to sell underground music – some of them even rare. A lot of people asks me if I’m going to extend it to a label, and release music. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about this from the day I started it. So, time will tell. Right now I’m pretty busy with my band and work.

10. There is a plain with two dwelling depicted on your website. It really looks like from the old forgotten times. I would like you to ask about the times, we live in, and connection with this magical scene? Would you like to live in different period, if you could choose (what and why, eventually) or are you depend on todays conveniences? Do you like solitude? Contemplation?

This scenery is actually a photograph I shot at a mountain trip in my local village Lom. The area which I live in got plenty of these old buildings scattered all around. If I could choose which time, I would really like to be a teenager in the 80’s, unfortunately I can only recall this period through bad memory and CD’s.

11. You seem to be great nationalists, you have Norwegian flag in your hands on the majority of photos. Dou you prize it really that much? Especially when it comes to your feelings...? What does Norway need to be a perfect country? A removing of prohibition?

I definitely feel Norwegian, and is proud to be a Norwegian. For me Norway is the perfect country. I’m not proud of our people how it is nowadays, and I’m not proud of our religion. But I’m proud of our history – our heritage. I’m also proud of our ancient folk tunes. I’m proud of our mountains and our nature. But all in all I’m more into nationalromantism, than nationalism. Gjenferdsel do not want to be associated with any kinds of NS movement.

12. Are you interested in literature adherent to the history of your country? Would you recommend any writers worth mentioning?

I’m not that interested in literature, but if you want to read about our history, I think Snorre is the best choice. Still we also have a lot of other great writers, like for example Henrik Ibsen. And of course poets like Tor Jonsson, which actually was from the same village as I.


13. Year 2006 was very potent year, which has brought a lot of new and high-quality but also a lot of disappointment... How would you rate this year regarding both music and your personal life?

Very disappointing musically, and very good personally. A lot of constructive things happened on private basis, and this is probably my most active and creative year with my band.

14. Ketzer Record has even contract with Trollech (Czech). Do you know any other czech bands? Or do you know anything more about our country?

Unfortunately I don’t know that much Czech bands, but of course I know the bigger ones like for example Master’s Hammer. And I’m listening to a lot of metal from Eastern Europe these days; MGLA from Poland, Drudkh from Ukraine etc.

15. Do you have any settled plans, when it comes to future? Any news? Will you adhere to you established style? Do you plan any interesting live performances?

We have actually been booked for the German festival called Walpurgis Metal Days. We are also planning to go in studio in autumn or something to record our second album.

16. That´s absolutely all from me. Thank you very much for your time, Iudex. Any words in conclusion?

Sterkest står den ene!