Interview from Bleak-zine
Conducted by Davevil
Also features: Thy Serpent,Rapture, Lux Divina, Node, Anvil of Doom, Mockery, Nadis, Antropomofia, Mydgard, At The


Hail Iudex and welcome to the pages of Bleak ´zine! Guess this is the first intie you get from Spain...Have you ever done an intie this way?

Hail and thanks! No, actually this is my first interview done with this band I`m playing in now.

Oh...Do you mean you have been playing in other bands before?

Well, I have played in some minor bands that there’s no worth mention. I also played in a band called Dismal Prospects before this one, but we didn’t play this kind of metal there. It was more heavy-based I guess.

Ok! First thing you told me is that you only answer inties from underground ´zines...Any special reason or ideologies behind it? I really understand ´cause today’s great magazines are just crap...Mean...Trendy shit!

I don’t know actually. I think that I’m more connected to the underground scene. It’s in the underground where people plays for the music and not the money. It has to do with this "feeling" I guess. There are some good big magazines, but they tend to repeat themselves and always focus on the mainstream bands.

Yeah! I agree man! I hate those full-coloured & glossy paper magazines with stupid and simply questions to mainstream bands that have no interesting things to tell and they usually answer without feelings...Just poser stupidities and short answers. Some people here say that Norway, Sweden and Finland have one of the best scenes into Extreme Metal ´cause it’s really fuckin´cold there and you prefer stayin´ at home playing or rehearsing with your band...Hehe...

He-he..I`m not sure if that’s the reason. I think it has to do with the society here. People don’t use to talk with each other that much. And therefore people are getting depressive etc. And we also got an extraordinary nature, which probably gives a lot of inspiration to the musicians.

I totally agree...In fact your scene is mi fave with no doubts! Oh! I think here people use to talk so much.  I hate social life! I better prefer Norwegian way of life. Is there a high level of unemployment in Norway? I’d really like to go and live there! And also to find a good band to play. hehe

No, there’s not a high level of unemployment in Norway. Norway is a pretty rich country. Maybe that’s what makes us insane? All the money and oil.

hehe With no doubt, man! Money and oil is the dream of the standard human! I’m really embarrassed of being Spanish because Spain is one of those shitty countries that have supported war in Irak... It sucks! Any comment on it? Ok, the first thing that catches my attention is the name of the band! What does Gjenferdsel mean? Which is the English word for that?

He-he...to be honest I never think about the war in Iraq. Let’s blow the whole place and get the hell over with it. I’m just sick of all the focusing in media. Gjenferdsel is actually no word at all. It’s some kind of combination. Gjenferd is the spirit of a dead person that is coming back to redo things that he did when he was living. We’re kind of using it for a symbol on the Vikings, our forefathers.

And...What about the title for your demo “Det kom et skip til Björgvin”?

That one is easier to explain. The correct translation to English would’ve been something like "There once came a ship to Björgvin...". Björgvin is the old name of the city which is called Bergen nowadays. And this strophe is taken from a Norwegian book about the Black Death and scientist thinks that the Black Death arrived by a ship to Norway. And people here in Norway thought that this was some kind of punishment. So, It has to do with old Norwegian beliefs.

Yeah...Really interesting. Do you usually write all your lyrics in Norwegian? Are all of them based on Norwegian ancient culture and beliefs?

Yes, we write all our lyrics in Norwegian, but we’re planning to do some in English to. Cause I don’t think that all of you will understand the Norwegian lyrics..he-he.. This demo is some kind of concept demo about the Black Death and its myths. Except from that the lyrics are about things that moves us; the forest, nature, mountains, darkness, suffering, death etc. There are so many things that influence our music.

What do you mean when saying the "Black Death"? Could you explain anything more about this to the readers? Oh! I think singing in Norwegian is not a problem! I think it’s great! Many bands into Black Metal scene sing in their own languages...Do you know anything about our Basque Country? Some Black Metal bands coming from Basque country sing in Basque. People usually say that Basque language sounds really good for the style! It’s one of the most ancient languages in the world!

Black Death was a great pest that was ravaging around in Europe. It came to Norway in 1349 and I think it exterminated about the half of our population. The skin turned black and you die a slow death. Back then they didn’t know what it was, so they explained it as a punishment from greater powers. I have never heard any black metal bands from the Basque Country I guess.

Ah...And have you heard any Spanish Black Metal horde?

No actually...he-he..I don`t think so after all.

The two members mentioned when talking about Gjenferdsel are Iratus and you, Iudex...Are you any kind of studio band formed by two members only? Why the names of Iudex and Iratus?

The most of the black metal bands nowadays lives in the cities. We’re living by the mountain parts and there are not that many black metallers here so we just founded it the two of us. But if we’re going to play live I will be able to get at least a bass-player. Iudex and Iratus are, as you probably already knew, latin and Iudex means "judge" and Iratus means "wrathful". We just thought it would fit to our style.

Do you live by the mountains? Night must be really full of inspiration there! How would you describe the place where you live in a night like today night? What is this night like in Norway? It’s a quarter to twelve here in Spain, almost midnight...

Dark, cold, freezy and killing...he-he..

he he...What time is it there?

The clock is 11:50 in the evening.

Is "Det kom et skip til Björgvin" your first recording?
The song I’ve downloaded has a rehearsal sound...Is the whole demo in that way? What about the response you have got?

We’ve decided to have this sound on this demo and rather develop for each demo just to get some progress. We’ve received a lot of positive response. Especially the Balkan countries and England...he-he... We’ve already received a bunch of preorders on the demo.

You’ve no reached Spain! What would you say to the Spanish Black Metallers? How much must they send to buy your demo? Norwegian Black Metal is really appreciated here!

I think the price will be 5 euros/dollars, and then the shipping will be included. We’ve also planned to make a video, and this one will be included as well if we make it.

Ok...Could you tell us about very very underground new bands coming from your country? Any band you like specially? Dealing with Black Metal of course!

There are actually two bands that don’t live far from here; Styggmyr and Jernbyrde. And I especially like the last one. I can also mention Grenjar, Koldbrann, Isvind, Graabein, Kampfar(not new) as very good bands.

Ok, I’ll take note! Have you already have the chance of playing live? I guess response on Extreme Metal shows is much better there than here in Spain!

As we don’t have any bass-player it’s impossible for us to play now. And we haven’t practiced on a set yet. But one day we’ll be staying on the stage. That’s my own personal goal.

I hope so. Good luck! You’re the webmaster for Thy Serpent site! Do you usually make sites in a professional way? Which is your job? Do you like Thy Serpent´s Black Metal?

Yes, I’m the webmaster for Thy Serpent, but I’m also the webmaster and writer on Beat the Blizzard, the Norwegian underground metal webzine. And I `m still studying, so this is just a hobby. And sure I like Thy Serpent. They are one of the Spikefarm bands that doesn’t sound like the rest.

Great! Could you tell us more about Beat the Blizzard?

It was started by a writer (AJ Blisten) which is working in Norways biggest music magazine, Scream Magazine, in year 2000. After a couple of years he didn’t have the time to continue the site, and therefore I contacted him. Now I’m doing most of the design and layout part. You can check the site for yourself at
www.beattheblizzard.com !

Ok, Iudex. Let me know your plans for the band at the moment! Thanks as hell for this intie and for sharing your time with Bleak ´zine! It was a honour! Last words for the readers? Would you like to add anything more?

Thanks to you! Right now we`re going to finish this demo and then we’ll try to do some live jobs. At last; Support the underground....and remember to check our website! Svartmetallen er tilbake!!

Thanks man! Translate! hehe

...black metal is back!!