Interview from Enemy of God
Conducted by CeltiC
Also features: Aaskereia, Trollfest, Vandød+++


1.First of all, can you please introduce Gjenferdsel to our readers and why you chose Black Metal?

Gjenferdsel was founded back in 2002 by me. I got in contact with Iratus and we started to rehearse together. In 2004 we released our demo entitled “Det kom et skip til Björgvin…” which was limited to 100 copies only. In 2005, Invictus replaced Iratus on drums, and the band got a record deal with the German label Ketzer Records. Infestus joined on bass early 2006, and made the band ready for live duties and studio. The album was recorded and released in 2006. Now the band is working towards their second full-length album, and is doing some concerts. The reason why black metal was chosen in the beginning was because of its expression I think. This is the music and visual aspects which appeals to me, so it was a natural choice for me to start a black metal band.

2.What does the name Gjenferdsel mean?

Gjenferdsel is actually a made up word, and is based on the Norwegian words “gjenferd” and “ferdsel”. “Gjenferd” is a ghost/spirit, while “ferdsel” means travel/journey. So Gjenferdsel is then supposed to be a spiritual journey from death.

3.Have you got any other projects beside Gjenferdsel?

I don’t have any other projects beside Gjenferdsel at the moment, but I have a lot of material that don’t fit this band. So it’s not unlikely I also start another project and band sometime. I’m a fan of most genres under the metal banner, and therefore I also make a lot of different kinds of metal music. All in all, black metal is the genre I listens most to, but I also appreciate genres like doom metal and death metal.

4.Where do you get your inspiration from to write the lyrics for the album?

I think mostly everything can influence or inspire me, but I think that I get a lot of inspiration from our nature, culture and history. But I’m also inspired by the mental part of human beings, like for example depression, misery etc.

5.In which mood do you still feel the best creativeness?

I think I feel the best creativeness when I’m alone, and in complete silence, like in night. Without stress, and a lot of free time just to create.

6.The main lyrical theme on the demo „ Det Kom Et Skip Til Björgvin…“ is the black plague, this plague was the cause of thousands of deaths in the year 1349. that’s all of the black plague I know, can you tell us something more about it?

The plague arrived to Bjørgvin (now called Bergen) in 1349. About 1/3 of the population in Norway died, and people didn’t know what the cause for this was. So some of them explained it as a punishment.

7.Your debut released by Ketzer Records is simply called „I“, which is a pretty mysterious name as well, so you could also tell us something more about it. Has it something to do with the band „I“ from Abbath, Armagedda, Arve Isdal and King Ov Hell?

It has definitely nothing to do with the band called “I”. Actually we didn’t know about this band when we announced our album. The title is a symbol of individualism. “I” can be read as the personal prenomen, but also as the number one.

8.The cover of the album shows a landscape which I imagine is from your country, and in the picture in the center of the booklet we can see you in that landspace bearing a norwegian flag, without forgetting that your lyrics are sung in norwegian, so: is your country really important for Gjenferdsel's music and lyrics? Which feelings does it transmit to you?

The cover of the album was actually shot nearby where we live. We live in the mountain-areas of Norway, and I think that this makes us a little bit patriotic. I must admit that the music and lyrics is influenced a lot by our nature and heritage.

9.Don't you think nowadays there are some bands that are misunderstanding the concept of "paganism" or "nationalism" and mixing it with too much political stuff?

Definitely! Actually “nationalism” is political term, and should not be mixed with black metal. That’s why we don’t use it to label our band. Actually, some Norwegian writer wrote that we had to be a political band, because the drummer held the flag to his right side. Have you ever heard such rubbish?

10.Are you listening to other bands from norway like Elite, Mayhem and the famous bands?

I’ve been listening a little to Elite. I first got interested in their music when we played together with them in Trondheim. They have a lot of good songs, and the members are allright too. You will definitely hear more from these guys in the future. I also listens a bit to Kampfar, and mostly underground bands. Can’t remember last time I listened to Mayhem.

11.Are you proud to be Norwegian or are there any reasons why not?

I’m proud to be a Norwegian and I’m proud about my country, but I can’t really say I’m proud about the Norwegian people. I think the Norwegian people more and more forgets their origin, and finds it more easy to pick up crap from other cultures.

12.Which are your plans for the future?

We are now working on new material for our next release. It will most probably be another full-length album, but the release date is not sure yet. We also have plans about some concerts, so visit our website to stay updated!

Thanks again for the interview and Best Wishes for the future from me and my comrades. Any last words for our readers?

Thanks to you too, and thanks to all the readers for reading the interview!