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Conducted by {Mirror}
Also features: Watain, Forgotten Tomb, Nae'blis, Furze, Mord++++


1) What does the band name mean?

The name of the bands origins from the Norwegian word "gjenferd" which means "ghost" or "spirit". Gjenferdsel is not a Norwegian word in itself, but based on its ending it’s supposed to be a spiritual journey from death and to the world of the living.

2) Give me a brief history of the band.

The band was founded in 2002 by myself. I got in contact with our former drummer Iratus, and we started to rehearsal for a demo. Our demo "Det kom et skip til Björgvin..." was released in 2004, and we immediately received positive feedback from the European black metal scene. Iratus was replaced by Invictus on drums, and we received a deal for an album with the German label Ketzer Records. Infestus joined as a bassist, which also made the band ready for live duties. We went to studio in spring 2006, and released our album September 22th the same year. We did some concerts the same year, and now here we are.

3) What about the themes of your lyrics?

The themes of our lyrics are mostly about melancholy. The themes often involve misery and dismal thoughts, but at the same time an individualistic inner strength. Most of the lyrics are taking place in the nature of Norway.

4) Would you mention which are your musical influences ?

My influences are definitely first of all our mighty mountains, and beautiful nature. We are surrounded by national parks where we live, and this definitely also influence our music.

5) Tell me about your debut album musically and illustrate the composition process.

I think first riffs and musical concepts comes to my mind. Then I present it to our drummer, and we arrange the songs and adds drums. Actually some of the riffs on the debut album were composed back when we made our demo. I think the band is more involved in the process now than earlier.

6) The album cover is beautiful. who has designed the cover and what represent ?

All the artwork was made by me, and the cover is a photograph I shot in a local area. I think the cover represents the album pretty well, and is definitely something we can identify ourselves with.

7) Your favourite nowadays bands.

My favourite bands are changing through periods, and it's hard to pick out a few bands. Some bands I would like to recommend though, are Kampfar and Elite from Norway, and Pest from Sweden.

8) Any plans for live gigs?

We've been booked for a performance at Walpurgis Metal Days in Hauzenberg, Germany. We will play there at Saturday 28th of April. Some other concerts are under planning, and these will be announced on our website as soon as they get confirmed.

9) Future projects.

Some new material have been made, and we will be working towards our next album. No studio- or releasedate is certain yet, but this will be announced as soon as we know for sure.

10) Would you leave a message to the blackterrormetal.com. readers ?

Sterkest står den ene!